Lanny Cotler and Paul Edwards are the creators of the hard-hitting and sometimes controversial series of videos produced by ClassWarFilms.  Their adeptness with the English language, in conjunction with the dazzling rare images choices and judicious sound design, which serve to powerfully underscore the power of their words, result in slideshows that are more effective than many full-blown motion pictures of the same length.

In their absolutely brilliant "Political Fraud" [video], they take us through the horrific bowels of chicanery and despair that define modern politics but they also show us the light at the end of the tunnel.

- [Name withheld]

Wow, amazing video!  People in 'third' world countries are uprising while we in the developed world are too complacent.  Always knew this but this video is so well put together and moving & needs more viewers.  Why only 200,000?  Share!

- Anonymous

This video is absolutely amazing. It should be required viewing for every American.

- Anonymous

I've been active politically for about 25 years.  This is one of the very best videos ever made.  This video is like Ghandi, in person.  Information is the key, and knowledge is power.  Wake up people & realize that every moment you sit and do nothing is a moment you give to the enemy used to enslave you. We are at a real crossroads right now.  We will decide NOW, whether we live as Freemen or as slaves for the rest of eternity.  No government has had this much power, EVER in history!  Take it BACK!

- Anonymous

Just watched your video, for which many thanks.  It's brilliantly done, powerful and poetic.  It's precisely what is needed to stir up people who are capable of being stirred. The combination of the narration and the visuals is stunning. I wish I had the power to help get it viewed more widely. I will alert all my friends, certainly.

Have you read "Dark Ages America" by Morris Berman? There a definitely close parallels between your portrait and his, even though yours is more aimed at mobilizing people and his merely at analyzing illuminating the history of the country.  If you haven't seen it you might be interested in it.

I hope you'll do more along these lines. I feel that you are right on the money in your portrayal of America on the verge of a big crisis. Who knows how long it will take to develop, but it is undeniably coming.

All best wishes,

[Name Withheld]

First off, congratulations on a very powerful and sincere video presentation.  Having said this, I believe it should be translated with subtitles into different languages.  Its content concerns the whole world and [too many] people of different countries see the US thru the eyes of Hollywood movies and the like.  I’ve been living in Brazil for a while now and can tell you that… people want the truth and your video [tells] it.  Thanks.

- Anonymous

But not EVERYONE agrees…

The only nightmare I see here is the complete fool that made this crap.  What's your answer?  Everyone go into the street and protest?  Protest what? All the bad guys?  Fine, I'm here protesting you - and this worthless garbage and any fool that thinks it's some answer to something.  It's a bunch of garbage.  The Arab spring is nothing but a winter of hell; I hope the Islamic Brotherhood comes to your door first...

- Anonymous